mario and luigi

What shall we dress up as this year?

batman spiderman ironman

looking at YOU!

mirror mirror

Admiring his turtle shell!


No, it’s not see-through…but he kept peeking out and pulling the hat back down 🙂


Pretending to swim like turtles.  They were so pleased with these costumes this first day, but then…I made the mistake of showing them just a minute of the Ninja Turtles movie and also the cartoon.  They were traumatized, and we spent two weeks watching cute youtube videos and documentaries of sea turtles and turtles before they would put the costumes back on again!

da jo

Strike a pose! (Caleb, I need you to send me the pictures that you took with them!)


Oct 21: We go trick-or-treating around Rockville Town Square, at their Mommy and Me event.  Raphael insisted on wearing cowboy boots under his costume…a tight fit, but I made it work.


I’ll trade you all your candy for yummy raisin scones!  And I finally get both to smile for a picture!  Timmy does not like adults in costume (like the chicken at the county fair); we saw a guy in a banana suit and one in a black buffalo costume, and then we were stuck on a bench while he cried “no banana, no cow” for a few minutes.



superhero silly magic

Do you like…magic?  Impromptu superhero masks made of corrugated cardboard and pipe cleaners!


Oct 29: Trick-or-treating with our friends at the Rio Spooky Tots event (getting our money’s worth out of these costumes!)

timmy pumpkin teddy pumpkin

picking out pumpkins to decorate

pumpkin decorating

Elmer’s glue takes a while to dry…we had to re-do these pumpkin faces at home.

corner bakery

Lunch at corner bakery, playing trains at barnes and noble, walking all the way back to the car in the light rain, and we were pooped!

ding dong

Oct 31: actual trick-or-treating!  They both fell asleep at 5 PM before we could go out, but we stuck to the plan and rang Al & Betsy’s doorbell anyway  (They had already picked up dinner for us and Pete was getting hangry!)

date night sleep2 sleep3

They continued to sleep (and do ninja poses), so Mommy & Daddy had a relaxing evening, too!


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