Toddler Soccer

We did a trial soccer class at Soccer Bugs on November 4.  I thought it was fun, but Timmy did not.  I could not get any pictures of him because he was attached to my leg for practically the whole time.  Teddy got into it a little bit and followed a few of the coach’s instructions with the ball and cones, though!

soccer bugs 1 soccer bugs 2

Undaunted, I took them to a trial soccer class at Kidville on December 3.  Incidentally, all the soccer pictures are of Timmy this time, although they both participated pretty well, and, just to be confusing, Timmy happens to be wearing the same track jacket as Teddy is wearing in the previous pictures.  I guess they have not claimed their colors in this one instance!

kidville soccer kidville soccer3

I keep telling him to put that puppy dog tongue back in!  It used to be Teddy who would hang his out and then accidentally trip and bite it.

kidville soccer2


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