New Years in VT

Pete and I did stay up for New Years (watching a movie, “Noah,” which I do NOT recommend unless you’re watching for scenes of Iceland!)  I only have pictures of snowy winter VT activities!

sledding 1 sledding 3 sledding 2

Teddy insisted on going by himself from the get-go, my brave boy.  Timmy eventually came around, too.  Teddy didn’t cry when he fell off the sled…but he threw a fit (caught on video) when he thought that I had given his sled a push, and…oh yeah, he cried that time Timmy’s sled hit him in the shins.

snow angel

After they got up, I asked them what the snow angels looked like.  The answer?  “A cow!”

Dartmouth icy

Watch your step!!

knight timmy knight teddy KAF

Saluting the knight at King Arthur Flour

bike rack

Teddy would have gone round and round through this bike rack for longer than I had patience for in the cold…he cried and struggled all the way to the car.


Merry Christmas to me!  We have snowshoes!  Since I can’t ski this winter 😉


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