MLK weekend in NYC

DSC_0183 DSC_0174 DSC_0181

“There are no cats in America, where the elevators are made of GOLD!”  haha, that’s not quite how it goes.  Praise God for giving us the best parking spot, right in front of my cousin’s apartment.  (Not the red scooter, the minivan)  The trip started off well!

IMG_20150117_132824438 IMG_20150117_132930600_HDR

New York City pizza, what a treat (esp for the milk-intolerant kids…)

DSC_0135 DSC_0120 IMG_20150117_144243871

At the American Museum of Natural History.  Trying to make dino horns (just without the horn part)

IMG_20150118_092158453 IMG_20150118_144859447

First time on the subway (they haven’t been on the DC metro yet, either).  On our way to Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and then brunch with friends in Tribeca afterwards.

IMG_20150118_200538970 DSC_0165

First time in a taxi!  What did they remember?  “It has a TV in there!”  On our way to see other friends on the upper east side.

DSC_0193 DSC_0236

Our walk in Central Park with a detour to FAO Schwartz


Playing our “FAO Schwartz Big Piano Jenga” back at home.


We had an excellent first trip to NYC!  Great time with cousins and friends from childhood and college, no traffic issues, and yummy food!


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