Valentine’s Day Reveal

To reward their second swim lesson during which Timmy floated by himself, twice, for 20 seconds each time, I asked them if they wanted hamburgers or sushi (both nearby restaurants).  They wanted hot dogs so I crossed my fingers and BGR did have hot dogs!  And then they only ate the buns, I’m not even exaggerating.  Yeah, I wrapped up those hot dogs in the wax paper they had been lying on and stuffed them in my coat pocket before we left.  (I’m nothing if not environmental, no styrofoam containers for me, thank you very much!)

BGR teddy BGR timmy

The doctor’s office called while I was having some peace and quiet watching my two chipmunks eat their hot dog buns and french fries.  The new genetic bloodwork could also test for gender super early.  I was just waiting for her to say “boy,” and could not believe it when she said “girl!”  I asked her if she was sure.  And told her that I was positive that it was a boy during the last sonogram (even a sonographer can’t confirm on such an early sonogram at 12-weeks).  I typed “IT’S A GIRL” into the text screen on my phone…and deleted it.  There must be a better way to reveal this….


The twins had “made” Valentine’s Day cards for various family members.  It was a concoction of skills: glue-sticking, sticker-ing, markers, and random cuts off the corners and into the paper with fun-edged scissors that I figured couldn’t actually cut their skin.


I added some pop-up accordion hearts and made non-local relatives promise not to open it until we were on FaceTime together.  Turns out that some very impatient local relatives who had the doctor’s blood test results but thankfully couldn’t figure out where it stated the gender could not wait until the next day and I had to show them their own card over FaceTime anyway.  lame, but I did my best!  Pete did get to hear the news first (he got to open one of the cards before I sealed it in an envelope!)

DSC_0360 DSC_0363

And since bible study was on Valentine’s Day and Pete was stuck in the office for a 12-hour Saturday, I sent him off with home-made cookies and made a gender-reveal heart shaped cake for bible study girls.  (The flags are their guesses)  Yay, something amusing to pass the time while we wait for spring!!!


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