Swim Classes

It has been a long and cold winter!  We haven’t been doing many new things, but one stands out: Swim Classes!  Pete and I were determined that we would teach the boys ourselves, and in September, we decided that we would take them to the indoor pool on the weekends.  January rolled around and we realized that we hadn’t been to the pool once!  So when a Certifikid deal came up for the British Swim School, it was really killing two birds with one stone because it guaranteed that we had to get out of the house twice a week (music class is the other outing).  You can see the progression over 7 weeks:

IMG_20150203_113732664 IMG_20150203_113626880

IMG_20150210_115908184 IMG_20150224_115507411_HDR

Oh yes, there were very serious faces and often tears for the first three classes!

IMG_20150303_112924326 IMG_20150303_120232872

4th week: no tears!  Such a great class for all four kiddos, that they all earned white ribbons that say “I did my very best”

IMG_20150310_113942961 IMG_20150310_120024273 IMG_20150310_115427596

5th week: they each floated three times, 20 seconds each time, which earned them yellow ribbons and yellow bracelets.  They actually looked at me and said “cheese” for the camera, too.  This was the first week that they would sit at the edge of the pool and not grab on to my leg (wet jeans = COLD) or insist on towels in between their turns floating.


This is a screen shot of one of many videos of them floating!  I don’t think I even know how to do that…I guess we’ll have to work on me next!

IMG_20150324_115746143 IMG_20150324_115826061

6th week: they stopped clinging to the swim teacher and kicked around the pool on their own, wearing floaties.  The floatie play time is the last 5-10 minutes of each half hour class.

Daddy’s going to get to attend the last class next week!  Hope they remember all their skills for the pool this summer 🙂


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