Easter weekend

Peter had a long weekend for Easter, so we headed down to Charlottesville to check out Monticello.  I had reserved spots for our dogs to go to doggy day care at a place in Charlottesville and found a hotel that we could bring our dogs to and leave unattended in the room.  Most of the hotels say that you have to keep your dogs with you at all times…and that would not be relaxing at all!

Mc goofing Mc back

The kids were as good as gold during the long house tour.  We had them in single umbrella strollers and we leaned over to talk quietly to them when they had anything to say.  After the tour, goofing off on the back lawn of Monticello was totally fine with us!

Mc family Mc front

The front was under repair 😦 But the back is the nickel side, anyway.  TNT also sat through a 20 minute history video about Thomas Jefferson and Monticello!

Mc planet Mc telescope

I told them that the telescopes were backwards…

Mc TJ statue

Nope, TJ’s statue’s telescope doesn’t work much better!

Mc Disc Rm

The Discovery Room at Monticello was pretty cool and hands-on for kids.

downtown Char first amendment wall

Downtown Charlottesville pedestrian area; writing on the First Amendment Wall


Got the dogs from doggy daycare, then drove out 15 minutes to the Best Western Plus.  Pete didn’t have high hopes, but it turned out to be nice!  We had our big dog crate that we put the dogs in whenever we left the room (not taking any chances with them!)


Heated indoor pool that we enjoyed that evening and then again the next morning after the continental breakfast + a few hot things!  TNT didn’t really trust us enough to float with us like they had done in swimming class.  Pete was more successful than I was with that.  After we put on these swim vests, they discovered they could kick around pretty well on their own and even went all the way to the deep end with Pete.

hiking dog run

The next day, I looked up a local park that had a dog area and we stopped by on the way home.  We had to hike half a mile to get there, but it was really nice and even by the water.  There were so many dogs in there that we decided to follow the rules and kept TNT out of the area.

blue ridge

Beautiful drive home…TNT fell asleep…very uneventful, until Pete tried to get them out of the car.  They had both completely blown out of their diapers and there was diarrhea everywhere!  The next two hours consisted of cleaning the boys, washing clothing, washing car seats…  We could only count our blessings that it happened when we arrived at home and not when we had first arrived in Charlottesville, or in the pool the first time, or in the pool the second time!


And after all that, we found them calmly playing in their room, saying proudly, “Look, we made a hoorade!”  (That’s how they say “parade”)  We all slept well that night.

Easter Egg hunt Easter hot dog

Easter Egg hunt at church (candy confiscated promptly)  //  They eat hot dogs like corn on the cob

Easter firepit Easter huge marshmallow

First fire pit of the season  //  Extra-large marshmallows

hot cross fun

Hot cross buns!  When Teddy sings the song, it sounds like he is saying “hot cross fun.”  Or “hot cross fudge.”  🙂


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