Cut & Paste–Lego Prep Week 1

Six weeks out from T&T’s Lego Bday Party: theme and colors decided, pinterest ideas pinned, colored cardstock purchased.  I used my good ol’ fashioned enlarging skills on the photocopier to prep lego men and boxes to cut out.  On the road to Charlottesville, I cut those lego men out of white cardstock for the backing, pants and shirts out of colored card stock, and the heads and hands out of yellow card stock (I fed that one sheet of yellow card stock through the photocopier 30 times to get 10 heads and 20 hands!) and then glued the colored card stock onto the white backing.  (I found the image online  Here they are, standing guard at the party:

lego ppl 5 lego ppl 1 lego ppl 3 lego ppl 2 lego ppl 4 DSC_0786 DSC_0244

For the lego boxes, I used a template from this woman’s blog:  I wanted the boxes to be bigger overall, so I enlarged the template with my photocopier to the maximum size for one sheet of paper.  Those were cut out, scored along the fold lines, and folded up on the road trip to Charlottesville, too.

I found a separate template of just LEGO circles from her blog, too, and photocopied those onto scraps of colored card stock left over from the lego men.  The “LEGO” letters were a little light, though, so I had to go over them with a black pen, and then I popped those circles out with a 1 inch punch borrowed from my scrappy friend Jenny.  I didn’t punch out the shadow or outline of the circle that was on the template because I wanted to make the lego circles bump out, so I then used 1/4 inch thick foam scrapbooking dots to raise the circles off of the box.  I punched holes in different places in the top flap of the box, attached ribbon, and used glue to seal the main flap closed.  Sarah helped me hang the streamers and lego boxes the weekend before the party (that’s why they look so pro!)

lego box 1 lego box 2 lego box 3 lego box 4


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