Little Touches of Lego–Lego Prep Week 2

While waiting for the lego brick and lego men molds to arrive…I busied myself with squirreling away duplos at night and then hiding them until the party.

IMG_4001 DSC_0953

The dollar store didn’t have green utensils, so to avoid it looking too primary-colored, I made a big holder for the red and blue utensils to go on the main food table, and a smaller one for the yellow utensils to be used for cake.

DSC_0690 DSC_0687

Duplos anchored the daffodils in the big mason jar on the food table, and in smaller mason jars on the shelf.

DSC_0922 DSC_0653

The 4th (and last) set of streamers.  Sarah’s artistic eye had me substitute the darker duplos for ones that stood out.  Since we hung this a week before the party, I had to hear much feedback from T&T, who were not very pleased that their duplo board and duplos were inaccessible.

DSC_0252 DSC_0256

There was another lego man headlamp on the other side, but T&T had already reclaimed it.  “My Lego headlamp!”


A good way to encourage your kids to use soap when washing their hands…tell them that they get their legos back after the soap is gone (of course, this can backfire while your back is turned, but so far, so good).  We ordered our first box of regular Legos with birthday money from grandparents for older kids to play with at the party (and to put in the soap, of course!)


Decorating cups with Lego faces!


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