Fun with lego molds

I spent about a week making ice with these lego brick molds.  Then, another week doing candy melts.  It’s pretty slow going when you have three year old twins “helping!”  After you fill the lego mold, you have to tap the heck out of it on the countertop to get out all the air bubbles.  The first batch did not look nearly as good as the rest; they were re-melted after I figured out the secret.  For the ice, you can’t tap without making a watery mess, so I filled the tray drop by drop until the bottom was covered, and then there were only a few air bubbles left to pop with a toothpick.

IMG_4013 DSC_0550 candy face

Can’t resist this candy face.  He dragged a kid chair over to the stove with a spoon and helped himself to a bite of cooling candy melt (luckily, more on the “cool” side than hot).  It happened when I was on the very last batch of candy melts, so at least he didn’t discover the sweet treats at the beginning of that project!

candy molds

Getting ready to cut the candy melts in half to decorate the cake!

The following week was devoted to melting crayons into lego-men-shaped crayons.

IMG_20150422_220840878 IMG_20150422_220851522

Pete and I peeled the wrappers off of crayons.  We have a ton of crayons already, so I had put aside free crayons from restaurants since T&T were little, thinking to replenish their supply when needed.  The free crayons were mostly in my party theme colors, so they were perfect!  They’re separated into 2 containers: Crayola and non-Crayola.  Upon melting, I discovered that the Crayola crayons are pretty uniform and have very little separation, but the non-crayola crayons have clear components that floated to the top (which is the back of the lego man, so not a huge deal aesthetically).

 IMG_20150423_084842345 DSC_0574 DSC_0573 DSC_0580

I purposely used one shape for the candy melts and ice, and the other shape for the crayons.  I didn’t want any kids eating the lego man crayons!


Testing out a few extras.  T&T had been curious about the crayons all week and I was happy to have a few left for them.

IMG_20150423_082916754 IMG_20150423_084016159

I reread the online instructions, and realized that it would have been easier to peel off the wrappers if I had soaked them in water first!  I had a few handfuls of broken crayons from T&T’s stash that I had set aside to someday melt into swirly crayons; it upsets them to have small broken pieces among their crayons.  I decided to use those and the leftover pieces from the goody bag crayons to make little party favors for everyone else.  T&T “helped” me soak the the wrappers off, making a giant wet mess in the process, and here’s how those turned out:

DSC_0645 may the fourth

The set of molds that I bought on Amazon included a third mold of 4 slightly larger lego men and 1 mega lego man.  I used the slightly larger lego men for the party favors, and I had some left over that I’m going to re-melt into two mega lego men for T&T.  I’ll get around to it soon…;)


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