Oh goody, bags!

lego bags

This time, I blackened the “Lego” logo on the circles before I photocopied them onto scrap card stock!  I used double-sided tape to attach the lego circles onto the goody bags, to make each bag look like a lego brick (hopefully you can tell…)

DSC_0581 DSC_0650

Believe it or not, I had the little clear party baggies that I used for the crayons lying around…I had used them for a friend’s baby shower last year.  Tags are a cinch to print, cut, fold and staple.

coloring page

In addition to the pack of 4 lego-men crayons , each goody bag contained 8 half-sheets of lego coloring pages that I found online, ending with Yoda (“May the Fourth be with you”).  And a little toy camera and a hot wheels car.

little camera

It actually clicks and changes between safari animal pictures, much like those big red view masters (are those toys still around?  Love them!)


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