Random Lego Man

One idea that I got from Pinterest was to make a large lego man and cut an oval out of the face so that kids could poke their heads through.  Pete drew one to scale on a large piece of cardboard, and I set about painting it with washable paint…before I could even finish the first coat, Timmy decided to “help” me and drew on it in marker and red pen while I was teaching.  I was so annoyed!  Before I threw the whole idea out the window, I borrowed tempura paints from Jenny and that covered it up nicely.

lego man 1 lego man 2 lego man 3 lego man 4 lego man 5

They loved their little friend.  Pete didn’t want me to cut a hole out of the face, so the compromise was that I’d draw a face on the man, take pictures of the boys with it, and then cut out the hole.

lego face

 But after I drew the face, I couldn’t cut it out!

friends 3 friends 2

end of the party friends 1

So we had a random lego friend floating around the party 🙂


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