Swimming in Duplos

Six weeks before the party, I went to the Parents of Multiples consignment sale in hopes of finding Legos and Duplos.  No luck with the Legos, but I scored in the Duplos department: a tub of Jake & the Neverland Pirates duplos, a tub of Diego duplos, a bag of Cars duplos, and a big red wagon with a random assortment of duplos, all for $29.  They haven’t watched the Jake, Diego, or Cars cartoons, but they love it anyway!  I loaded up some gift bags in the car, and told them it was an early birthday present.

Diego Jake Duplos

The Buzz Lightyear PJs were an early present, too.  Teddy kept saying “Try it on, try it on…see if it fits!”

Duplos 3 Duplos 2

We’re swimming in duplos!

Duplo/Mega Bloks table duplo table

Train table becomes Duplo table for the party (floor works well, too)

Lego table 2 Lego table

Real legos on poker table for the party for bigger kids, over tiled floor (you do not want a lego hiding on the rug, waiting to be stepped on!)


Farewell to my scrapbooking table… the poker table went back downstairs and it’s perfect as a lego table 🙂


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