Call in the Reinforcements

Sarah made a banner for their birthday!  She and Josh visited a week before the party.

DSC_0639 DSC_0622 DSC_0418

She used foam dots for relief, too!


I was running low on steam that day after cutting out all the hats and pin-the-head heads during my piano thing, so Sarah & Caleb helped me to finish cutting out all the lego people for the other party craft.  These five were done by T&T because there were a few left over at the end.

IMG_4009 Very hard at work! So cute!  DSC_0903 Kid Craft #2: Decorate your own lego man cutoutDSC_0907 This lego man has wings! DSC_0900

I missed getting pictures of some that had hair (using yarn).  They all turned out so well!

I only have 1 more post about the party cake and then I’ll move on to a new topic!





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