Lego-themed Cake

My friend Sarah shared a southern Strawberry Shortcake recipe with me, so I decided to do that.  I have very fond memories of my Great Aunt’s strawberry shortcake, and the recipe tasted just right!

DSC_0657 DSC_0659 Strawberry Cake recipe from Sarah Zuber...yummy! DSC_0665

I used Jenny’s enormous cake plate and used foil and mini tart pans to barricade it to the 12×12 size that I needed.  The cake board had been wrapped in foil, 3 cake layers frozen, layers assembled, and crumb coat applied.  So far, so good…I had saved week 6 to do the cake and food.

DSC_0670 IMG_2302

Time to cut the candy melts!  I was nervous that they’d all break under pressure of the knife, but I actually didn’t break very many.  I put the broken pieces into the cupcake wrappers, and arranged the extra candy melts into “TNT” on a plate.  I used a whole bag each of red, yellow, green, and blue candy melts from Michael’s, and had plenty left over.

1st side 2nd side side 3

And then, the snag.  The day before the party, I started frosting the cake but the frosting would not stick to the sides!!  I found out later that if you have a layered cake with cream filling, you’re supposed to pipe a border of frosting around the cream filling, because otherwise, the frosting just keeps sticking to the cream filling and pulling it out during the frosting stage!  I managed to create a wall of frosting and get it on the sides but the sides looked TERRIBLE.  I was about to tear my hair out but Jenny saved me!  She came over at 10 PM, whipped up a batch of her super white frosting, and it stuck to my terrible-looking frosting with no problems.


The whole cake went on the cake board, and then onto a 16×16 duplo board.  We put extra candy melts around the base of the cake.  In looking at pictures of Lego cakes online for inspiration, I decided that they were either expert fondant lego scenes, or lego bricks that did not look square enough to please me (no offense to anyone).  I’m not in the expert fondant category, so I opted to simply spell everything out with candy melts.  Barely fit, but it worked!


Standard birthday candles fit perfectly into the hands of Duplo people!  The duplo people that we used were the twins’ avatars of their favorite family members who could not be at the party: Uncle Josh, Auntie Sarah, Uncle Caleb, and Peter’s parents.  Of course, I needed a sixth person, so we used their avatar of Peter.


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