One last post to show what happened to all the party decor afterwards!


Lego men stand guard over cribs.  I stuck bible verses on the blank ones and laminated & cut out all of them.

large crayon Lg Crayon man

Leftover party favor crayons were melted down into 2 huge lego men (11 little lego men = 1 huge lego man).  They work!

DSC_0728 (1) DSC_0716 (1)

Stained glass art fun with leftover streamer pieces glued to tracing paper.

DSC_0759 DSC_0756

Flowers made out of leftover streamers.  I couldn’t make more than a dozen, even on the 10 hour road trip to Vermont…it was too tedious, maybe because I used messy Elmer’s glue instead of double sided tape (not gonna waste my double sided tape!).  But here’s the link for how I did it (I attempted a few different ways):

DSC_0805 DSC_0806 DSC_0796

It’s a comet, it’s a shooting star, it’s a rocketship!  I was just going to ball up a sheet of foil to hold the streamer tail, but this ingenious person discovered that a water bottle with the bottom cut out makes for a very aerodynamic comet/shooting star/rocketship:


Lego boxes hung over lego table, just for fun.


Lego frame holds b-day pic.


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