July outings

Before Baby Sister arrives, we have been having many, many outings in the heat of summer.  First up, Mount Vernon on the 4th of July.  Despite having difficulties parking, the very last spot vanishing before our eyes, we made it!

Mt Vernon 1 Canon TImmy so cool band music IMG_20150704_124348968 kids room in museum

Second weekend of July: Baltimore Aquarium before our membership expires

dolphins sharks pool

Third weekend of July: I actually got to stay home and work on T&T’s 1st year scrapbook.  I was extremely grateful because it must’ve been the hottest day of the summer!  The Monster Jam was a first for everyone, and something Pete wanted to do for his birthday, because T&T love monster trucks.  None of his friends could go (or maybe they didn’t want to), except for Caleb, but it was their loss, because an awesome time was had by both birthday boys (Pete and Caleb).  Caleb’s favorite monster truck was the “Higher Education” bus.

dog monster truck backwards monster truck dirt bike bus monster truck

Fourth weekend of July: “Joseph” show at Sight and Sound in Lancaster, PA to celebrate my dad’s birthday.

sight and sound samson


There might be time for one more blog post before Baby Sister arrives.  If so, you’ll get to see Pete’s talent displayed in taking pregnancy pictures.  And YES, I did finish T&T’s first year scrapbooks (it’s in two volumes, but hey, it’s of two babies!)  They still need the finishing touch, like captions that are not written on post-it notes 😛


One thought on “July outings

  1. love it!! great pictures, awesome post. looking forward to coming home! i’ll have to check out the first year scrapbook

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