Lego costumes

Lego brick costumes in the making.  They requested the colors orange and blue, which was unexpected (so far, everything has been yellow and green which tracks with Daddy’s love of the Packers and John Deere).  Pete brought duplos to the store to match to the color of the spray paint.  I found yarn the same color as the spray paint and started knitting the matching hats a few weeks before Halloween.  A few days before, we ate 12 medium cans of pineapples and I made the lego bricks using two empty diaper boxes.  Pete spray painted the day before Halloween and did the final coat that morning.  I took them for some daytime trick-or-treating at a nursing home up the street from our house.

The elevator was a little crowded, since we went with a few friends and their parents, so the pineapple cans began to loosen and fall off every time we got bumped.


Pretty delighted with their first taste of fruit snacks.  These are the shirts that we happened to already have that matched the costumes exactly…got lucky!


Party at church that evening.  I brought my hot glue gun to reinforce any loose pineapple cans as the night went on!



Very fun whirly thing that amused kids and grownups alike







Ding dong…and THEN, we stopped by our neighbor’s halloween bday party


It was a pretty full (and satisfying) day for the little boys and their lego costumes!


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